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One of the best in the market FPV Drone Flight Controller is the FrSky RXSR-FC OMNIBUS F4 Fireworks V2

Press Release: October 19, 2020

With the growing use of UAVs around the world, driverless racing has also become common, and being able to participate in these races is necessary to have the best racing UAV flight controller available in the market for countless options.

However, choosing a suitable flight controller is not a simple process. With the progress of technology in recent years, the flight controller also has a great development, so many parameters need to be analyzed when making the selection. One of the best and most valuable options on the market is certainly FrSky rxsr-fc omnibus F4 fireworks V2 FPV drone flight controller.

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How to select flight controller

The flight controller is a circuit board with sensors, such as gyroscopes and accelerometers, and other boards that provide UAV information. In addition, one of the main functions of the flight controller is to receive and process the incoming signals from the receiver and execute the commands issued by the pilot, which is an important role for the UAV in flight.

Hardware is one of the most important aspects to be considered when selecting UAV flight controller. The hardware of the flight controller determines performance, because the high-quality components ensure accuracy and efficiency. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the processors, sensors and resources provided by flight controllers to meet the needs of flying UAVs.

As we all know, choosing the best flight control for a racing UAV is not a simple task. One should look for an easy to configure firmware that is compatible with the most advanced UAV equipment and focuses on getting the highest speed and performance possible by reading data and sending updates faster.

RXSR-FC (OMNIBUS F4 Fireworks V2)

FrSky rxsr-fc (omnibus F4 fireworks V2) is designed to provide a variety of options for users' buildings. Rxsr-fc uses icm20608 on SPI to produce stable flight performance. It counts with an rxsr receiver, mounted in an integrated protection box. It also carries a barometer and an OSD ab7456 chip integrated with OSD betaflight.

Rxsr-fc also supports lipo 3-6s direct input, current sensor and built-in room power filter. In addition, the internal resistance of each input that is about to leave is 0.2-0.5 ohm. The flight controller provides some unique features, such as 8V / 1A power supply, Hall current sensor and large solder pad. Plus F4 reliable and powerful processing speed.

By looking at the rxsr-fc (omnibus F4 fireworks) specification detailed below, you will find out why it is the best flight controller for racing UAVs.

F4 processor

The F4 processor is an alternative to the old F3 version, both based on the STM32 architecture, which uses 32-bit processing instead of the 8-bit processing on KK2. X board of directors. These boards are the most popular and have been replaced mainly because they are not very functional and easy to use in flight controllers.

F4 has a 168 MHz processing speed and provides 210 DMIPS / 566 coremark performance running in flash memory. DSP instructions and floating-point units increase the range of addressable applications.

Betaflight firmware

Currently, betaflight is the most popular option with a simple GUI (graphical user interface) and has been developed by developers. It is also a flexible and powerful firmware flight controller with an impressive compatibility with advanced features such as OSD control, vtx control, and bleeli dshot.


A single IMU chip contains gyroscopes and accelerometers. Gyroscope is a device that uses the gravity of the earth to help determine the flight direction of UAV, while the accelerometer is a compact device, which is used to measure the non gravity acceleration, and also to respond to the vibration related to motion.

Icm20608 is a six axis motion tracker that combines a gyroscope and a three axis accelerometer in a small 16 pin LGA package. It also has a 512 byte FIFO, which can reduce the flow and power consumption on the serial bus interface, allowing the system processor to stop reading sensor data and enter low-power mode. Energy.

It is important to emphasize the greater availability of the 5 UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver / transmitter) ports, which are hardware interfaces that allow users to connect various devices, such as camera OSD control, vtx channel control, serial radio receiver, etc. Always with the possibility of achieving the best flight controller for racing UAVs.

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