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One Effective Solution Amongst Several To Resolve WordPress Error 500

Press Release: August 04, 2020

California, 3rd Aug. 2020: The team of certified WordPress CMS consultants at our techno-savvy and online support the agency continuously works on improvising the right strategy to sort out inconveniences caused while working with WordPress. Our consultants' important meet at the town hall was to elaborate WordPress Error 500, its actual root causes, and measurable steps to fix them all.


The meet lead by chief WordPress consultant, Mr. John Deare. He said, "internal server error is an unavoidable error as it occurs when the internal server denies responding. Whatever the provisions you do from your end, this unexpected issue can arise anytime. A preplanned approach and actual behavior and characteristic will help users to deal with the error.

What is Internal Server Error 500?

It's a simple HTTP error caused due to non-responsive server either through wrong code, or unexpected conditions. The response of this error is generic, "catch-all.

What can cause an error 500?

  • In several cases, you encounter an error when you have not set permissions of the folder correctly as they should be.
  • When .htaccess file is not configured right
  • Every server has some of its waiting time defining its time stability as how long the script runs.
  • Outdated modules also cause the internal server issue.

How Will You Fix WordPress Error?

    • Check .htaccess
    • Increase the PHP memory limit
    • Deactivate all plugins
    • Re-upload WordPress core files
    • Talk to your host
    • Check wp-config.php.
    • Access wp-admin.
    • Talk to your host

How Can You Avoid The Error?

    1. Give proper attention whatever you do in WordPress
    2. Emphasize on your task and project first
    3. Take a break, create a checklist and be clear about your roles
    4. Learn from previous mistakes
    5. Generate complete awareness about the error and the method of how you can quickly overcome the error condition.
    6. Make sure you sign in to the WordPress dashboard through the admin account.


Make sure you get into the dashboard through WordPress Admin Login, because if the user with different or restricted privileges could not track and fix the respected errors completely. Experts don't need awareness about the error, whereas newbies always seek relevant assistance, so tackle the internal server error.


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