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OmniPerception acquires Margaux Matrix

Press Release: December 08, 2009

Monday December 7, 2009: OmniPerception, the parent company of Applied Image Recognition Ltd (AIR) - world leaders in technology that detects the exposure of brand images or logos at international sporting events, has acquired brand exposure analysis experts Margaux Matrix.

Margaux Matrix has been a long standing customer of AIR, which is renowned in the sports marketing world for its distribution and support of the brand exposure measurement technology known as Magellan.

Magellan systems are the global standard for the automated measurement of Brand Exposure in televised sports broadcasts, used around the world to provide sponsors, venues and teams with accurate valuations of on screen exposure.

The purchase of Margaux Matrix brings the ability to AIR to offer Magellan as a service as well as complete systems. In addition, the ability to receive and record a number of satellite and terrestrial channels fulfils a requirement to offer customers broadcast verification and Product Placement measurement.

AIR is a subsidiary of UK-based face recognition experts OmniPerception Ltd.

Stewart Hefferman, C.E.O. of OmniPerception, said We are delighted with this acquisition. There is very good synergy between these two companies which will enable us to greatly increase the range of services we offer, and to significantly expand our customer base

The alliance means that any sports agency can access the best service available in the analysis of sports broadcasts whether it is for a one-off project or all the way through to purchasing their own analysis system, said James Gibson, Sales Director of Margaux Matrix.
Margaux Matrix can provide an instant solution to any client in terms of brand exposure analysis with the knowledge that as the clients requirements grow they can graduate to their own system. Margaux Matrix has developed many operator applications that will soon be available to current and future users of Magellan system.

The business of producing robust, verifiable and reliable brand exposure data has come a long way in a few short years and this alliance means that the establishment of a true bench marking capability is available to all from the boutique agency to the international research network.

About OmniPerception
OmniPerception, a private British company founded in 2001, is a global supplier of computer vision capabilities, specialising in facial biometrics and advanced image processing. The companys software provides automated solutions for the recognition of objects and people in a wide range of customer applications offering significant added benefits in performance and reliability. www.omniperception.com
About Applied Image Recognition
AIR is the exclusive worldwide distributor of Magellan Image Analysis systems, developed by OmniPerception Ltd. This technology has been packaged to meet the needs of sports sponsorship research customers worldwide by Applied Image Recognition Ltd. AIRs Magellan Automatic Logo Detection and Brand Exposure Analysis software provides the tools necessary to automate the Chronometry process for Sports programmes.
Magellan searches through frames of video to detect the exposure of a brand image or a logo automatically. www.air-ltd.com.
About Margaux Matrix
Margaux Matrix (UK) Ltd has been at the fore-front of brand exposure analysis since the beginning of 2004. The company specialises in the analysis of TV pictures and reporting to clients on their brand exposure within the broadcasts.
The company exclusively uses Magellan as the basis of its process. Margaux Matrixs experience in this field gives it the belief that the combination of its own bespoke software and processes combined with Magellan gives them a significant edge over the other players in this market. Clients value Margaux Matrix in terms of the speed, accuracy and breadth of data that gives clients a unique and valuable insight into their exposure and ways in which it can be improved. The data is designed to integrate directly with clients requirements or feed into a wider spectrum of research that clients may be using to assess their ROI from their association with the events. www.margauxmatrix.com

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