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OmniDisplay launches in London, UK

Press Release: November 02, 2015

OmniDisplay is pleased to announce it has successfully launched in London, UK, as a start-up focused on the display of real-time information to devices such as LED displays, TVs and video monitors.

The company has acquired the IPR for OmniDisplay, OmniTicker and OmniRSS from Telefax Data Systems, a company dedicated to the supply, support and maintenance of LED Displays and LED Tickers.

Telefax Data Systems will now focus exclusively on LED Displays and become a distributor for the OmniDisplay software applications.

Real-time is information sourced, extracted and aggregated from the internet and includes live video via URLs, pre-recorded video, RSS data feeds together with real-time data from sources such as Thompson Reuters, Bloomberg, BBC, Sky and Yahoo. This data can be integrated with a company’s real-time internal information to create targeted, informative and visually compelling information displays.

Unlike many competitor solutions, the OmniDisplay software can be securely installed in minutes and comes with pre-defined display templates to allow a user to create a working display in under 60 minutes. This is made possible by the intuitive nature of the applications and pre-packaged RSS feeds and APIs.

OmniDisplay can already boast a number of major financial, energy and commodities clients and the company is looking to rapidly expand through distributor and reseller channels.

Gary Lowrey, Interim CEO, commented: “OmniDisplay is the product of over 30 years’ experience and comes to market as a Microsoft Windows 10 suite of applications. It is about making corporate communications visually informative to their audiences from corporate receptions, conference centres, exhibitions, trading floors and call centres. Wherever, there is a need to combine and present information on a screen, whether internally or publically, OmniDisplay provides the opportunity to do it with style and simplicity.”

The latest versions of OmniDisplay, OmniTicker and OmniRSS are now available from OmniDisplay. Visit www.omnidisplay.online for more information.

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