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Olympic Eventer Amanda Ross Talks about Travel Boots for use when transporting with Horse Floats

Press Release: June 11, 2015

Amanda Ross’ take on travel boots for horse floats with the demands of long haul equestrian travel -Though such gear has been circulated widely in the market, being able to fully utilize its purpose can prove to be a bit tricky to some less experienced owners.

While horses are known for the raw muscle strength of their lower extremities, experts like Amanda Ross are no strangers to its vulnerabilities. Most horses often suffer painful injuries from slight missteps, all the more when balancing during towing whilst on-board horse floats NSW. Tendons are susceptible despite their strength due to the natural lack of muscle tissue in the tendon region.

Amanda Ross discusses specific tips on how to dress a horse with its protective leg wear here:

1. Bandages need to be wide, & made of a non-stretch fleece, or knit, & long enough to go from the top, down to the pastern, & back up again.
2. Ensure the padding is long enough to go from the knee, & down to the coronet band, & a couple of layers thick.
3. Bandage correctly – when applied too tight the bandage bows to the tendons. If too loose, they will slip down, come undone, and potentially tangle the leg. If the horse stands on the loose end, it may pull the bandage tight & damage the leg. Bandaging if applied unevenly or with inadequate padding will also cause damage to the leg tissue.
4. Bandages help reduce inflammation where travel boots won't. After an eventing comp, I often travel the horses home in stable bandages, thick padding, & a layer of brown paper over the top of clay poultice, to reduce swelling, and help take the sting out of their legs.
5. Using thick, long padding under bandages, and wrapping low down the pastern will cover the coronet band similar to a float boot. You can choose to apply more padding under a bandage, compared to what most horse float/truck boots offer.
6. It’s difficult to cover the knees & hocks – these can become swollen if the horse kicks or sits back against an angle load horse floats Qld.
7. On hot days, anything on the horses’ legs will keep heat in, rather than allow heat to escape.
8. You can use bell boots on all four hooves for extra protection.

Naturally the absence of leg protection is a judgment call of the owner but ultimately using travel boots requires periodic conditioning.

As a Sydney Olympian, Amanda is also famous for her expertise in proper horse care and has provided enormous insight for related businesses including horse floats for sale NSW.

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