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Press Release: February 17, 2010

Okuma Group, the Asia-based asset manager, believes that investors who missed out on acquiring stocks in innovative and well capitalized companies during the lows of March 2008 will be presented with another opportunity once the current selloff in equities has run its course.

The firm is thought to believe that shares in blue chip names like Apple, Cisco Systems and Microsoft will be available at bargain prices as investors deleverage in the face of a slower than expected global economic recovery.

Sources close to Okuma Group suggest that mining stocks continue to represent an excellent play on the secular bull market in the precious metals complex and expects them to fall to levels that make them even more attractive for the longer-term investor.

Okuma Group maintains that despite the rout that followed the demise of Lehman Brothers and the erosion in confidence in the ability of global governments to reinvigorate growth in key economies, equities still remain among the best ways to increase wealth and build financial security for small investors.

Okuma Group analysts say they expect key indices to retest the lows set in March 2008 and have advised clients to keep funds available to take advantage of significantly lower equity values.

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