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Okos Smart Homes and Gaz Métro Plus Launches a New Smart Home Pilot Project

Press Release: August 18, 2020

Okos Smart Homes and Gaz Métro Plus, an Energir company, are proud to launch an innovative pilot program in Quebec helping natural gas customers save energy with smart home technology.

Okos Smart Homes is a Canadian CleanTech company part of the solution to help utilities reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reach their conservation goals.

This new pilot, set to start deliveries in October, will be a first for Quebec's natural gas industry, reducing energy demand and GHG emissions. This innovative approach to energy conservation efforts eases adoption and increases participation rates while offering attractive devices to customers. On average, savings of 3,000kWh per year, per household, can be achieved without affecting homeowners' comfort levels.

Okos Smart Homes offers products and services to help customers use energy responsibly, with the help of the latest smart home technologies paired with voice commands and mobile applications. Saving money and the environment has never been easier.

An array of devices will be offered including smart thermostats that can learn, program themself and optimize energy consumption for customers automatically. Helping customers adopt smart home solutions without any upfront costs and save up to 23% on their heating and cooling costs without having to install or configure anything themselves.

Okos Smart Homes' proactive customer service will monitor HVAC systems in real-time and offers remote diagnostics for optimal customer experience. Paired with simple voice commands and an innovative mobile application, this pilot project aims to increase clean technology adoption in Quebec and reduce GHG emissions in the province.

Okos Smart Homes is a technology company operating in Canada offering smart home products and services to gas and electric utilities. Reducing the load on the grid, and improving their services through Big data. They offer turnkey packages, adaptable to every need and an easy solution for large-scale projects.

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