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OKKAMI On-Boards Maitria Residence Rama 9 & Chatrium Golf Resort Soi Dao Chanthaburi

Press Release: July 03, 2020

Despite Covid-19 bringing the tourism industry to an abrupt standstill, Chatrium Hotels & Residences continued to place their trust in OKKAMI to deploy two more properties between May-June 2020. The two properties are Maitria Residence Rama 9 and Chatrium Golf Resort Soi Dao Chanthaburi. In preparation for the properties’ recovery, OKKAMI has been tasked to provide IoT solutions that would help the hotels engage with their guests and implement efficient staff ticketing workflow. Guests can interact with the hotel without having to download an extra app as the hotels are equipped with a Live Chat feature that streamlines all communication channels into a single dashboard.

OKKAMI realises that many guests will be conscious of physical interactions with hotel staff and hotel amenities. To meet this ‘new normal’, OKKAMI will be implementing a QR code system whereby all food & beverage menus would be digitally displayed inside guests’ mobile devices. The menus will also support a function that would allow guests to select and confirm orders through their devices. Aside from viewing menus on their devices, guests can also view their folio prior to checking out. OKKAMI’s interface with the PMS system offers guests the ability to perform express check-out on their device without the necessary step of passing by reception.

Now that Chatrium Group will be including Maitria Rama 9 and Chatrium Soi Dao, the hotels will become a part of an extensive CRM network that collects Chatrium’s guests profiles including service orders, preferences, spa activities, and much more. This CRM system will eventually be converted into a full-scale global Loyalty Program with a redeemable points system, once all Chatrium properties are deployed. In addition to hotel guests enjoying the above-mentioned benefits, long-term residents residing in the residence section of Maitria Rama 9 would also enjoy the same system.

OKKAMI Inc. was founded in 2016 to cater to travelers and enhance all aspects of their journey. The company provides businesses in the hospitality industry with an IoT and guest engagement technology platform to better connect with customers, finalize transactions, and improve guest satisfaction. The platform also includes managed in-room devices in addition to downloadable apps for both iOS and Android. Visit https://www.okkami.com/ to learn more.

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