Press Release: October 15, 2019

How did you find Offshore Europe 2019 this year?

At https://www.fairwayrock.com , we went to check out the event. If you are unfamiliar, Offshore Europe is one of the biggest conference & exhibition events in the UK for the industry. It hosts hundreds of exhibitors, all displaying their products and services in The Event Complex Aberdeen – the huge new venue.

As you walk in, you are passed bags, maps, pens, egg cups, mugs… all sorts of freebies. People are excited and in a good mood, with a bustling atmosphere. Everywhere you turn there are screens, coffee bars and displays showing off each company.

The biggest stand was Slumberger, who had a whole area for talks, a holographic prism giving out information, meeting rooms, and large screen displays. Bilfinger also worked hard on their stand having interactive stations such as virtual reality for people to try.

The stand which we felt was the most impressive was ela[container], who effectively showcased their products as shown in the image below:

However, in a lot of cases we were disappointed. In years gone by, companies would put in tremendous effort to make you say ‘WOW’ – especially some of the bigger operators such as Shell and BP. As shown below, the Shell stand generated no excitement, and BP did not even have a proper stand. They were not alone in this, with many major companies failing to hit the high bar.

It seems that the peak time for these events has passed. Is it because there is less money in the industry now? Is the industry slowly dying out?

However, in a global industry which still employs millions of people, we believe that there is still opportunity and potential for the sector. But to make the most of this potential, CHANGE and DISRUPTION are required.

The lack of enthusiasm shown by companies at Offshore Europe alone shows this need for disruption – ‘the way we do things around here’ is failing in efficiency. Individuals no longer feel the same excitement about the industry that was once felt.

Fairwayrock.com is a disruptive site which is already saving time and money in procurement, and helping suppliers find the right customers.

And we need more people to join our community of those who want to think with innovative mindsets and who can work hard at using the potential we have globally to restore what is still one of the world’s largest industries.

So where will you start?

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