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OFFICIAL RESULTS: Cheryl Cole is the nations bedtime favourite

Press Release: December 10, 2009

Cheryl Cole (22% of males) is bunk beds ahead of Alexandra Burke (2% of males) in the poll but clearly Simons biggest boob was ditching Kelly Brooke from Britains Got Talent, as 15% of males would like to hit the sack with her (sleep next to).
Men around the country have been getting hot under the collar at the thought of sleeping next to one of Simon Cowells tasty selection of leading ladies:

Cheryl Cole (22%), Kelly Brooke (15%) and Holly Willoughby (12%) are more popular sleeping partners than Dannii Minogue (7%) amongst men

Happy singer Leona Lewis (3% of males) is more desirable in bed than Bad Boys singer Alexandra Burke (2% of males)

The X-Factors Cheryl Cole (22% of males) is more than twice as popular than Britains Got Talents Amanda Holden (10% of males)

Breakdown of how men voted:

Cheryl Cole 22%
Kelly Brooke 15%
Holly Willoughby 12%
Amanda Holden 10%
Dannii Minogue 7%
Leona Lewis 3%
Alexandra Burke 2%
Dont know 29%
Regional breakdown available on request.

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Survey carried out online by YouGov plc, among 2050 GB adults (1066 females and 984 males) aged 18+. Data is weighted to be representative of the GB population. November 2009.

(1) The independent sleep disturbance trial was conducted in the UK by Dr Nyjon K Eccles, Chiron Clinic, Harley Street in February 2008. The trial was randomised and placebo-controlled with a total of 331 participants involved.

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