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Offering Unprecedented Speeds WiFi 6, 802.11AX

Press Release: May 22, 2020

SparkLAN communications, broadband wireless networking solution provider, announces the availability of 11ax series product line for various application.

Wi-Fi 6 is the latest evolution of the 802.11 standard. It is designed to bring a series of improvements such as increased network speed, capacity and responsiveness:


  • Wi-Fi 6, based on the IEEE 802.11ax standard technology and compatible with 802.11ac/a/b/g/n WiFi standards.
  • To improve your WiFi efficiency.
  • WiF6 will deliver 4x higher capacity and 75 percent lower latency
  • To enhance the overall system performance by achieving higher throughput in various applications.
  • Support for long battery life and huge numbers of low-rate clients.
  • 5G and Wi-Fi 6 will provide advancement in performance for new and existing networks for the next generation of advanced applications. Wi-Fi 6 and 5G will be available to complement each other.
  • 5G the preferred method for outdoor networks.
  • WiFi 6 is ideal for indoor enterprise networks.


Discover the real-world benefits

4 x Efficiency : MU-MIMO to support more clients than ever. It reduces latency and improves performance during data-intense activities such as streaming video, video conferencing, etc.

4 x Capacity : Distribute bandwidth to more equipment, increase the high efficiency and number of equipment

3 x Speed : 1024-QAM and  increased OFDM symbol time combine to offer astonishing Wi-Fi speed


Complete Versatile Design For 11ax (WiFi 6) Solutions


SiP solution Best Suited for AR, VR, IoT, SmartPhone, and Service Provider & Home Appliance


Available with BCM43752 2x2 11ax Dual-Band WiFi+BT5.0 SiP Module

AP6275S WiFi: SDIO V3.0/2.0, BT:UART/PCM,-30°C~ +85°C

AP6275P WiFi: PCIe, BT: UART/PCM ,-30°C~+85°C


11ax M.2 module brings steady, high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity for Remote control, Smart manufacturing, shop, home, etc.


Available with BCM43752 2x2 11ax Dual-Band WiFi+BT5.0 M.2 2230 Module

WNFB-266AXI(BT) WiFi:SDIO V3.0/2.0,BT:UART/PCM,DC3.3v, -30°C~+85°C

WNFB-265AXI(BT) WiFi:PCIe,BT:UART/PCM,DC3.3v,-30°C~+85°C


High Dense Usage, Increased Data Traffic as Stadium, Public transportation connection, Airport High-density scene, and Car networking


Available with BCM43752 2x2 11ax Dual-Band WiFi+BT5.0 Half Mini PCIe Module

WPEB-265AXI(BT) [B33] (WiFi: PCIe, BT: USB, DC 3.3V, -40°C~+85°C)

WPEB-265AXI(BT) [B18] (WiFi: PCIe, BT: USB, DC 3.3V, VIO 1.8V -40°C~+85°C)

WPEB-265AXI(BT) [R33] (WiFi: PCIe, BT: UART, DC3.3V, -40°C~+85°C)

WPEB-265AXI(BT) [R18] (WiFi: PCIe, BT: UART, DC3.3V, VIO 1.8V -40°C~+85°C)


About SparkLAN

SparkLAN is dedicated to design-in, marketing and sales of a top-quality wireless solution. Our product range includes commercial grade and Industrial grade wireless modules solution. We provide technical support, consultation, and module, from customer initial development phase right through to production and beyond. Short communication channels within our organization guarantee rapid and highly competent care and attention.


Working closely with our customers, SparkLAN is able to advise customers on the latest trends in technology as well as sharing product roadmaps. In addition to offering technical solutions, SparkLAN also keeps a close eye on prices and lead-times, ensuring the right modules are delivered to the right place at the right time. Our ability to include flexible customer-specific logistics is also a key strength of SparkLAN. www.sparklan.com


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