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Offering exhibition and event courier

Press Release: September 27, 2017

Grange Park, Northampton -26/09/2017
HSP courier is one of the most trust worthy courier service providers that cater both domestic and international clients. They continuously thrive to serve their customers with best of their services. Based on this credibility they are proud to announce exhibition and event courier service as a part of their business line.

The CEO says-“The fastest and comprehensive courier services made the whole world as a global village. Whether transporting the finest race cars or delicate ash sculptures now HSP courier provides reliable and specialised exhibition and event logistics worldwide”. The CEO further stated that they are competent enough to handle complex itineraries, critical schedules to forward all kinds of events related goods domestically and internationally.

A proud team member also informed that they assist their customers with a proper plan which includes the dates of pickup and delivery to on-site setup, handling, type of vehicle, redelivery and so on to ensure a secure and timely delivery. Every exhibition and event is for a different purpose so are the pieces of equipment and cargo.That’s why courier companies offer expert packaging and handling services for valuable, sensitive and perishable consignment. Moving ahead, the brand also stated that they have a team of trained personnel those who handle safe unloading and positioning of the goods. They also mentioned that the company is well-equipped with the range of light and heavy machinery to lift and position oversize items that are required at the event.

Lastly, according to the report, this company also provides repacking and redelivery of the exhibit and event materials.So that to make the clients free from botheration of pack-up. The company will make all the necessary arrangements to get their clients’ items safely at their place. Further, the brand added that they have a diverse fleet; they arrange the most efficient mode or multimodal transport solution for every event logistics. The transportation can be via air, road or ship all depends on the budget and urgency of the client. A source added that the company claims a secure shipment of each item within the time period.

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Located in Grange Park, Northampton, UK; HSP courier affirms that they fulfil their promises with their customers to deliver their shipment right on time with safety. This helps them to win the heart of their customers globally. They provide different types of courier services at unbeatable prices. The company state that they have an aim to offer all sorts of courier services to their valuable customer under one roof.

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