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Ofcom decision bounds mobile phone deals to become cheaper

Press Release: April 09, 2010

If mobile phone users received the news with open arms, on the other hand the news upset the existing mobile telecom players. As the decision by the telecom regulatory, Ofcom has been the result of a lot of churning, which must have got into its making, the recent decision is set to jolt the mobile industry with its full capacity.

With the current decision of the telecom regulatory of the UK, Ofcom, the network operators have become bound to drop their calling charges of the mobile phones by a considerable margin. Ofcom's recent ruling has resulted in network operators of the country in cutting calling costs, which is set to create waves throughout the industry. The decision may seem dramatic as it came unexpected, however there is no dearth of excitement prevailing among the mobile lovers all across the UK.

In the wake, Petter, managing director of BT's consumer division has openly supported the decision and vowed to pass on the benefit to its existing customers. As a result, they will now enjoy cheaper rates as far as calling is concerned.

The impact on the mobile industry

As a result, all the calls are bound to get cheaper thus making the overall mobile industry buoyant. As more and more people are bound to get access to cheaper calls, they are going to use the services more certainly. Now it clearly means that this will result in more and more calling opportunity for the mobile users all across the UK. This will also help in the economical revival as well.

Without a tad of doubt, the current reduction in the prices would result in more calling that would result in more revenue for the mobile industry and cheaper mobile phone deals.

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