Press Release: November 03, 2019

Over the years there has been correlation between crypto currency and stock market. This has grown now to that of chemical compounds like Gold.
Most bitcoin cryptocurrency fanatics I know argue that bitcoin is an alternative currency that is free of the central bank manipulation of standard fiat currencies. When all three major central banks were engaging in wildly dovish policy initiatives after the Great Recession a need seemed to arise for protection against currency devaluation. You might ask “isn’t that what gold is supposed to be?”
Historically, gold has been the last resort hedge against the fear of overzealous monetary policy initiatives. Bitcoin, it appears, is the same exact thing but for the digital age. Gold bugs and bitcoin fanatics can argue about which assets will do better in what levels of currency Armageddon, but several things should be agreed upon. Both assets should do better in a weak dollar low interest rate environment.
Now it may interest you to know that ODUWA has taken a step in innovation which is bringing about strategies to better the future of digital currencies.
The question of volatility and also insecurity of funds will now be a thing of the past as the system of oduwa is now making sure you can exchange OWC coin without any exchange or middle man..

It is a great idea and would make ODUWA currency the first to undertake this correlation.
Agreement would be reached soon with a mining company and the strategies are already in place to make sure it is possible

It is worth noting that this correlation does not imply causation. When a strong correlation develops between the two variables, it does not necessarily mean that one is causing or influencing the other this is just a mere creativity in digital fiat management and transfer

Oduwa originated from the ancient Benin kingdom meaning “The Road Map to wealth “ Your money should work for you and not against you.” These are symbols of the kingdom’s power and wealth through trade. ODUWA Is Alive and Born to Live Forever again On the Blockchain.

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