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Oakfield Beams & Framing Offers Top Quality Oak Beams Homebuilders Can Mix With Modern Materials

Press Release: July 19, 2018

Horsham Fencing Industrial Estate, Sussex - Looking into modern houses and buildings today, many are made using modern technology and materials. Everything from concrete walls, metal framing, liquid granite, and foam insulations are being mixed to create a wonderfully modern and sturdy building. This has made Oak beams and Oak framing seem a little outdated in today’s home building standards.

While many modern and new-age builders, contractors, and architects fail to consider and see the value in using oak, there is no denying the classic and reliability of oak when used for beams, framing, and other parts of a building. The true strength and sturdiness of oak are best seen inside ancient castles where the strongest parts left are its beams and frames made of oak.

One way to ensure that oak beams and frames are still used today is to mix them with modern building materials. It can a challenge to convince home builders to experiment with two different materials, but it is worth in as shown by several recently built homes that use a mix of classic and modern elements.

"What is great about oak framing is how they can be functional yet still remain beautiful even when they are exposed," explains a representative from Oakfield Beams & Framing Ltd in Sussex. "Using oak brings out the natural beauty of a home, whether they are used for indoors or outdoors. There is truly something inspiring and English about the framing and beams made with high-quality oak," they added proudly.

"Homeowners and their contractors don’t just have to settle for oak as a part of their homes. They are also very versatile and perfect for just about every type of building. From gardens to other home extension projects, oak timber frames will never fail to impress everyone during and after the project is completed." - Oakfield Beams & Framing Ltd

Aside from using the oak as for framing and beams, experienced contractors and designers can create a visual masterpiece using the material. The oak can be used together with brick, timber, concrete, and other modern components to enhance the home’s enter aesthetic appeal. The best way to ensure that a home looks magnificent while also remain safe and sturdy is to choose the best contractors and designers for the project.

A homeowner who works with people who have the fortunate experience to work with both oak and modern materials will find blending the two components fairly easily. Another factor to consider when choosing to build with mixed materials are the suppliers for each component. Working with reliable oak frame and beam providers who can kick-start the designing process along with services like on-site consultation and structural calculation for the frames is a great way to hit two birds with one stone.

Schedule a consultation with the experts at Oakfield Beams & Framing Ltd and you can finally get started in building your modern home with a touch of oak to bring out your true and proud English heritage.

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