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O2 Mobile Recycle Encashed £1 Million in Six Months After launch

Press Release: April 08, 2010

O2 being one of the popular mobile service firm in UK, presently making ground breaking changes in the telecom sector. Research has shown, which has been done in recent times, that old mobile phones were not being recycled endangering the environment and filling up landfills with valuable usable material. Reacting to this statement O2 began its recycle mobiles programme which guarantees a voucher to the customer which is equivalent to the value of their old mobile phone. Since this announcement of O2 mobile recycles had been made to till date the company has paid out a total of £1 million in cash incentives, which is a big amount to calculate.

The programme was launched 6 months back and has already generated as good as thousand number of old mobile phones of the users. Procedure to recycle mobile is convenient and easy with O2. It allows potential sellers to log-on to their website followed by the submission of make and model of the old mobile which they wish to recycle, and then the portal will do its job site and calculate the net value for the handset. After the calculation the seller will receive a prepaid postage package in the mail. Users simply mail back the phone to O2 and in exchange get a cash incentive.

After witnessing the initiative made by O2 other websites have also followed footsteps setting up much needed measures for mobile phone users which allow them to dispose of their older models in most effective way and without providing hazardous effect to the environment. After purchasing them from the users, companies send them to be recycled and reused.

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