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NYC Video Marketing Agency Release Remote Video Content Production From Your Remote Office

Press Release: March 30, 2020

MultiVision Digital, recognized as a top New York Video Marketing Agency (www.nyccorporateVideoProduction.com), releases Remote Video Capture (www.RVCbyMVD.com) to support professionals working remotely to keep up thought leadership and content marketing.

Now professional firms in legal, accounting and consulting can be impactful from their remote office with Remote Video Capture. Without any video crew required, Remote Video Capture uses smartphones, a mobile app while maintaining the professional services of a video director.

With Remote Video Capture allowing the creation of thought leadership video content from anywhere in just minutes, it solves the greatest challenges that legal marketing teams and accounting marketing teams have in during the COVID-19 crisis - keeping a human connection.

"Video is a great communication solution in any economy, but in the COVID 19 economy - it is even more critical. With the majority of the B2B workforce working remotely, video marketing can add a level of human connection when we can not connect. That is what Remote Video Capture is all about." states Robert Weiss, President of top New York Video Marketing Agency, MultiVision Digital.

Video is what people want and are drawn to. Especially when they are busy because they know that video gives them the most amount of information in the shortest time. And giving information, while maintaining a human connection, is what makes video such a powerful sales tool for legal marketing and accounting marketing teams.

Most marketers will tell you that in today's COVID-19 economy, it's not about stopping any marketing, its about doing it with the right message and as personally as you can. As people get settled in working from home, they will need to find new and innovative ways to continue getting the word out about their service offerings.

Weiss continues relays "We really want to help out our society during the COVID-19 crisis, but we’re not health care providers and we don’t have a manufacturing plant that we can change to produce product. But what we can do is help people communicate through the most powerful medium there is in digital; which is video."

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