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Nupinion Launches Kickstarter To Fight Fake News And Social Media Bubbles

Press Release: March 16, 2017

Today, Nupinion, a tech startup building free news discovery tools, announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to help fight fake news and social media information bubbles. After personally funding its development for three years, the co-founders have made their beta platform available to the public and asked for support in financing their rapidly growing server and development costs. The campaign went live today and offers supporters witty news-related merchandise in exchange for contributions to the project.

“We want Nupinion to be free for everyone and to make sure we are independent from financial interests. To do that we need the help of ordinary news readers,” co-founder Benjamin Gibert said when asked why the company is going to Kickstarter for funding.

“The news we read matters. The better the information, the better the choices we make. Democracy needs citizens that are well-informed by a free and diverse press. The Internet offers an opportunity to provide anyone access to the facts and a range of opinions on them but it also drowns us in information,” added Gibert.

“There is a frightening increase in fake news and problems with social media echo chambers that confirm our biases. It’s natural to prefer some news outlets over others and to socialise with like-minded people. It’s hard work to read news from multiple sources, compare political perspectives and get a well-rounded view. We want to make it easy and free for people to do just that.”

Nupinion Beta is limited to a small set of sources but the company plans on expanding these in coming months. It currently enables anyone to discover:

Different political perspectives on a news story
Related news articles that can be filtered by country, news outlet, or political slant
The various topics that make up the news story
The people and places mentioned most in articles
Tweets and YouTube videos related to news on the subject

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