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Now Small Businesses are Bearing the Brunt of Cyber Crime

Press Release: July 07, 2017

Northampton, England– July 7, 2017
As per a report, it has been found that small businesses are unjustly carrying the expense of cyber crime in an ever-increasingly susceptible digital economy.
Regardless the vast majority of small businesses (93%) are taking steps in order to protect their business from digital perils, just about two thirds of the firms (66%) have been a victim of cyber crime in the past few years.
Cyber crime has cost small firms disproportionately in comparison to the bigger ones, when regulated for organisational size. But now, the responsibility is largely on small firms to protect themselves from these threats. More support will given to those firms who are at least able to bear the saddle of rising global cyber attacks.
More or less all (99%) of the UK’s smaller firms have rated internet as being of utmost importance for their business, with two thirds (66%) providing or planning to provide their goods and services online. Without any intervention, the increasing erudition of cyber threats could suppress small business growth and in the worst scenario close them down.
As per the Chairman of ACS365, “This digital economy is crucial for smaller firms, as it presents a massive opportunity to reach a new market and potential consumers. But, these advantages are matched by the risk of chances for criminals to threat small businesses.”
He further added, “Small businesses have been taking their cyber security accountability seriously, but often they’re notable to bear the expense of doing so. However, by using computer securing software and performing daily updates of the IT systems, they could perhaps tackle cyber crime.”
ACS has a team of knowledgeable and experienced engineers who constantly monitor the infrastructure to ensure businesses get the best out of their IT systems all the time.
ACS is a trustworthy and reliable agency and by availing their services to manage IT systems, small firms can mitigate business risk as well as avoid cyber crime threats.
To learn more about them and their services, visit https://www.acs365.co.uk/

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