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Not quite prositution... But for a good cause!

Press Release: February 22, 2010

To you the concept of having a random name or business logo tattooed onto your shoulder may be ridiculous, however when you have such a good cause behind it, in this case the Haiti crisis, I think youll all agree that this student is making a worthy sacrifice.

Stefan Pretty set up this competition whereby you can win your name or business logo tattooed on his shoulder to support the people of Haiti.Anyone can enter the competition via his website; www.yournameonme.com

Id recently seen the devastation in Haiti - Stefan Pretty outlines his determination to raise £25,000 and awareness for the effects of the Haiti earthquake.

The idea that was thought up in the shower has become quite a sensation for not only his friends and family but also to the ever growing number of entrants to this competition.

Theres dreaming and then theres just being plain mad
20 year old Glasgow student Stefan introduces the concept on the video on his website; yournameonme.com

You only get one body, one life and one chance. The thought of getting a tattoo was always out of the question but when you put such a good cause and the support of thousands behind it, its easier to justify. I wont deny it though, the tattoo part still makes me concerned.

The strong morals that brought this idea into reality becomes evident in the form of acompetition that is based onenthusiastic force.
We can suspect that many businesses will be showing great interest in becoming a part of this new internet phenomenon.

It seems as if this could inspire new innovation in the business world and in terms of this student, sometimes the simplest flower yields the most complex fruit.
It goes to show that a little sacrifice can pay off for the greater good of mankind.


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