Press Release: July 16, 2018

What’s your opinion on Clowns? Do they fill you with joy and laughter? Provide you with an image of happy children, balloon animals and successful birthday parties? If you’re anything like the results of a 2016 poll by Chapman University, you’re terrified of them. And the recent remake of Stephen King’s ‘IT’ will have done nothing to quell the fear.

XRhodes Films aim to change that with their upcoming short film - ‘Once a Clown’. In a world where some people are born as ‘Clowns’, and the rest of the world is made up of ‘Normals’, we follow Richard Plews, a Clown, and his struggles to lead an average life.

The creator of ‘Once a Clown’ is Murphy Rhodes, founder of XRhodes Films - a local production company focused on bringing fresh ideas and a unique perspective to the screen, and to really take advantage of the Liverpool film scene as it continues to grow.

“It’s really starting to thrive up here.” says Murphy, “The film scene in Liverpool has been growing for years, and there’s so many passionate, talented people up here who need to be given a chance to show what they can do. I really want to help to provide those opportunities.”

‘Once a Clown’ is currently running a crowdfunding campaign at IndieGoGo.com/projects/once-a-clown/, and are looking to raise the money through friends, family and the general public. Contributors can earn various rewards by donating money to the film in an attempt to give something back; ranging from sneak previews of the finished film to an acting role in XRhodes’ next film.

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