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Nokia N900 with wonderful deals on O2 and Orange of UK

Press Release: April 01, 2010

It have been found that Nokia N900 is gaining popularity among young and old users as well. Lots of unique feature come with this device which a modern high-tech user will be impressed to see on his choice of handset. Frankly speaking, this phone can be compared with several latest products like iPhone or Android. Running with Linux based Maemo 5 OS which will offer the experience as real desktop offers.

Launched with O2 and Orange networks, Nokia N900 is coming with attractive pricing. Users going for 24 month contracts can get free at £30 per month line rental. Lets check out some enticing features of the said device. About display, the size is 3.5 inches and viewing of images or other multimedia contents would be really exciting. As the device come blessed with touch screen features, one can imagine the excitement level in navigating internal features of phone with touch of fingers.

Well, phones with camera feature are acquiring more place in the phone world. About N900, one will feel relaxed to know that 5 mega pixels built-in camera feature beautifies the device. So smart this cameraphone is which allows one to go for edit, crop or rotation of captured images. Videos captured with the same can make one to cherish the recorded moments in future. Moreover, a QWERTY keyboard is there to make typing messages and emails more easy and convenient.

Fast and smooth Internet connectivity is another essential feature of N900. With ease, one can access to Face book, Twitter, Flickr etc social networking sites and can remain updated about friends. Microsoft office documents and a PDF document viewer are two business features which can be seen. Emails can be send and received plus chatting can also be done with IM.

The ARM Cortex A-8 processor coming with N900 offers good processing speed with which more than one application can be run simultaneously. About storage capacity, one should know that with ease, 7000 MP3 songs alongwith 40 hours of video can be stored. In need of more space, Nokia has provided the option of adding microSD card to enhance the memory size. To share files, Bluetooth is there. With phone sites, one can easily find out the lucrative deals available with the handset. Deals, plan, offer, free gift scheme etc varies from network to network. Thus, before taking any final decision, this would be worth to compare deals coming with different network providers. Thus, compare and get the best one.

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