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No Time to Wait for Business Broadband?

Press Release: August 11, 2019

It can be costly and frustrating to move into new commercial premises only to wait weeks for your business broadband. Modern Networks new 4G Rapid Deployment Service means you can have immediate, secure, reliable Internet access without the usual hassles and delays.

A leading provider of IT and telecoms managed services to the UK’s commercial property sector, Modern Networks is pleased to announce the launch of its new 4G Rapid Deployment Service. Depending on your provider, it can often take between two and four weeks to get fixed line business broadband installed at new commercial premises. In the meantime, employees are reliant on their mobile data packages or unsecured public WiFi.

Modern Networks 4G Rapid Deployment Service is the perfect temporary solution for any business that needs immediate Internet access while waiting for fixed line services to be installed. It is also a great backup solution to tackle costly, unexpected Internet outages.

Today, you cannot run a business without the Internet. In fact, Internet failures cost UK businesses £742 million in lost productivity and extra overtime in 2018. Without an Internet connection, your email and systems stop working, productivity slows down, your customers get frustrated and you lose revenue.

Carrier Services Director, Michelle Van Lelyveld, explained, “Commercial properties can change hands very quickly, often faster than traditional providers can react. That can leave premises without vital services such as email and telephones. Our new 4G Rapid Deployment Service is designed to provide short-term respite Internet connectivity to get our customers through a difficult period.” Michelle continued, “Of course, the service can also be used as an emergency stopgap, where there has been an unexpected Internet outage.”

Typically, Modern Networks can deliver the service next business day. The 4G Rapid Deployment router comes preconfigured and ready to use out-of-the-box. The 30GB per month data package provides fast, reliable, secure 4G wireless and mobile broadband. The router itself is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and powerful enough to run email and other basic systems. The device will even notify you if a data top-up is required.

Modern Networks can remotely monitor usage and manage the device. The company’s UK Service Desk provides 24/7 technical support. Finally, once the fixed line broadband service is installed, the customer has a choice. They can retain the service as a safeguard against Internet outages. Alternatively, they can simply cancel their contract (30-day terms) and return the device.

In brief, 4G Rapid Deployment Service:

• Secure, fast and reliable Internet connection.
• Instant access to essential business services such as email while waiting for fixed line services to be installed.
• Perfect temporary solution to tackle unexpected Internet service outages.
• Cost effective data packages to meet your business needs.
• Automated alerts notify you if a data top-up is required.
• Next business day delivery.
• The router comes pre-configured and ready to use.
• Small device footprint, takes up minimal space.
• Remote device monitoring and management.
• UK Service Desk technical support.
• 30-day terms mean you can return the device once your fixed line service is installed.

Terms of Service
• The service is only available in the UK.
• The service is available on a 30-day contract.
• The router must be installed in a good location for 4G signal from O2 and be able to connect to the customer’s local network.
• The service is typically suitable for up to five users.
• The service is not suitable for high bandwidth applications like CCTV and video streaming.

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