Home Nilesh & Nisha Patel, HomeChef from Surat, India awarded for creating cuisines differently in their home kitchen.

Nilesh & Nisha Patel, HomeChef from Surat, India awarded for creating cuisines differently in their home kitchen.

Press Release: January 08, 2021


Yes, this is what makes Nilesh & Nisha Patel stand in the huge crowed of Home Chef's & Bakers.

It's always an appreciation for anyone when their works is appreciated, but when things are not always the same and doe differently, this is where number of things gets changed, not every meals are same and not their preparation too.

Things that keeps getting done differently every two blocks away no matter there may be the same ingredients, here the things are not the same even when the ingredients are the same, things are done differently. And this is where this couple stands different in the crowed, their main way of thinking is "Let's make things different from the same Ingredients everyone uses." When others are preparing Chhole, they will make things differently either with Lebanese Spices or with Kofte in Peshawari style, when Tofu becomes common in most kitchen, this couple makes Tofu combining three to four different cuisines from all around the World.

Whether it is, their main meals or their desserts, starters or even coolers, everything is done differently, when everyone is enjoying Malai Ghevar, Rabadi Ghevar, this couple turned Ghevar in to Cheesecake and even in to French Pistachio Mousse.

"What we believe is Food can be crafted without any boundaries but with a limitation of over reacting to the content, as there's always oneIngredient that acts as a main character in any Dish, this main thing should never be manipulated but with other versions that one will add to their main Dish should meet the criteria of balancing the flavors. Something like Chinese food can never go well with a Pizza but there has to be one main element and that is your Pizza, Chinese cuisine that is added on the top of your Pizza must not and never overpower or over-rule the Pizza as it is always presented as a secondary element. Similarly we created "Tundey Kebab Pizza" a version of Lucknowi Zaika added on Italian classic Pizza, we tried this even differently by adding "Daal Makhani" on our Pizza.

Doing these combinations, we always think of one thing when doing such combinations  -  what is the main element of Pizza  -  it is common, base of a Bread which is used worldwide in a form of Roti, Naan, Paratha, Kulcha and many more in various forms, but in Italy it's enjoyed as Pizza, layered with Tomato Sauce, Cheese, Vegetables, Meat or even different condiments. So, the concept is very simple, Pizza is an adoption of Naan, Roti, Paratha, Kulcha whatever you may call and whatever you enjoy with these breads in all over Asia, you can always make a combination of different flavors on your Pizza."

"Good creations can be made with anything, we just try to identify the right main element which can be placed in the center and rest can be used to present it, as a well designed & presented flavorful fusion. We try to bring the flavors in one or other ways by building flavors that can go well where the flavors are delicate but leaves taste in mouth and this is how some of the great flavors are always developed, results in creating some best sauces, soups, dumplings or even root vegetables that can be prepared well by grilling them or by boiling them at a perfect temperature. We always use Salt just before ending our grilling, this retains the flavors of anything we grill and don't let the main element to swell or release its juice and this can make it dry."

These things have let them enter in to FBAI entry for HomeChef challenge in the month of December 2020 where the couple won the best debuting award in the category of March 2020 .

Winning an Award is something that encourages us to do even more and better, we never thought that our name would be declared in the category but when it was announced by Chef. Rakhee Vaswani we really felt "We are definitely making a difference which is too small in the group of some of the best Award Winners but this is one achievement for us to move even further."

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