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Nicolaas Migliore Daily Coming Soon On Amazon Prime Video

Press Release: February 18, 2021

New Tv-Show In Town!
“Nicolaas Migliore Daily” a new Tv-Show created by Nicolaas Migliore is a new Comedy show that will be coming soon on Amazon Prime and possibly more streaming services. The show is in the middle of being written for the first episode that has not been set to be released. Nicolaas says that “I am currently writing the first episode for the show.” “However, I want script to stay up to date with the political headlines. If I see any out dated things in the script I go back and edit it.”

What’s the show going to be about?
Nicolaas says, the plot for “Nicolaas Migliore Daily is an comedy series where Nicolaas Migliore discusses things about celebrity news, and politics.” Nicolaas also added “I would like to interview people on the show like music artists, actor, actresses, politicians and other celebrities. I also would like to do things that are comical and fun with my guest on the show.”

When can we expect the show to be release?
Nicolaas says, “It’s a work in progress. I do not have a exact date for the show release date. However I will announce it whenever I’m the first episode has been finished being written, filmed, and edited.”

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