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Nicky Parola Releases Early Super Bowl 50 Pick

Press Release: January 28, 2016

Want to know who’s most likely to win Super Bowl 50? Don’t miss out on the free handicapping information at Betting411.com. Read the early Super Bowl 50 Pick released by Nicky Parola.

Super Bowl 50 is approaching us fast, and everyone in the U.S is already excited about it. The fact is, many people suddenly become sports enthusiasts when it comes to the Super Bowl. Surveys reveal an amazing fact that the Super Bowl has become the second largest day for food consumption in the U.S, right after the Thanksgiving of course. Some states are even considering declaring Super Bowl Sunday as a national holiday – a day to relax and watch the big game with friends or family. After all, the Super Bowl is always at the very top for TV broadcasting ratings, with increasing numbers each and every year.

To accommodate football enthusiasts, every year professional sports handicappers provide information and guidance as to who’s likely to win the Super Bowl. Nicky Parola, of Betting411.com, already provided his early free Super Bowl prediction last weekend before the NFL Conference Championship Games were even played. His analysis included his picks for each Championship Game, and which of the two remaining teams was most likely to win Super Bowl 50 from there. Anyone interested in reading more about Super Bowl predictions in 2016 can always expect the best from the sports handicappers Betting411.com. The company has dedicated a team of experts to give their fans latest weather forecasts, trends, data, match summaries, and even predictions related to the match. Simply said, people can find almost everything about handicapping Super Bowl 50 at Betting411.com.

A lot of information provided by Betting411 and other sports handicapping sites is completely free. Anyone could easily get access to free Super Bowl predictions at any time, by simply running a search. You usually don’t even need to sign up, or be a member, to be able to get information at most sites. One would only have to be a member first if they decided to place a bet on the Super Bowl. By reading the free predictions from popular sports handicappers, one will have a better understanding of these teams in Super Bowl 50, and from there can decide whether or not it’s worthwhile to place a bet on one. It’s just as simple as that. The latest lines, according to Bovada.lv, has the Carolina Panthers favored by 4.5 while the total is currently sitting at 45.

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