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Nicks Removals moving advice

Press Release: March 12, 2010

Plan you house move for a stress free event
Use Removal Boxes To Make Moving Home Easy!
I Some times turn up on jobs and everything is packed in bin liners dont get me wrong they are cheap can keep things clean like bedding pillows clothes cushions teddy bears, soft light items, but when they are used to put 30 or so books in they will tear and things will get damaged, I have even had customers put the contents of kitchen cupboards in bin liners pots pans carving knifes all the cutlery, and when trying to walk holding these bags, if you attempt it, your ankles and thighs will be getting slashed with knifes protruding from bin bags, so they are useful when moving home but only for certain items.

Small Removal Box for packing compact or heavy items like photo albums, CDs, books, dishes, glassware, etc.
Medium Removal Box Use the medium size for packing mid-weight items like kitchen appliances, toys, or shoes.
Large Removal Box Use the large size for packing lighter, bulkier items,
such as towels, bedding, cushions, or clothing if you do not put in bin bags

planning a move can be difficult, but you dont have to give in to the stress. Removal Boxes can help you manage your move like a pro from start to finish.

Moving Check List
Check off daily tasks to keep your move on track.Smooth Move Box Selection
Determine which size is best for packing your belongings.

Moving Tips
Make your move easier with these helpful tips.Create Your Moving Kit
Determine how many boxes you need to pack your belongings.

Moving Check List

The best way to handle a complex task like moving is to break it down into smaller tasks. Use the check list below to track what youve accomplished and what still must be done.

12 Months before Moving Day

Room by room, sort through possessions and decide what to keep
Donate or discard any items you no longer need
Return borrowed items to neighbours and friends
Have your valuables appraised and insured
Start packing nonessential items
Organize packed items and sealed boxes in one corner of each room

Action Items:
Keep a file of your moving paperwork so everything you need is in one place
Get 23 estimates from moving companies or truck rental companies
Make your reservation with the moving company of your choice
Fill out a change of address form at your local post office
Inform your bank, creditors, and others of your change of address
Contact the utilities to cancel your old service/set-up new service
Transfer school, medical, and veterinary records
Book any travel arrangements you may need
1 Week Before Moving Day
Place items that you plan to move yourself in a separate area
Pack a suitcase with clothing, toiletries, and other necessities for the first few days in your new home
Pack a box for items you will need right away such as garbage bags, toilet paper, wet wipes, cleaning supplies, phone, etc.
Confirm your reservation with the moving company

Moving Tips

to begin, you will need boxes, cushioning materials such as bubble wrap and packing tissue, scissors, box cutters, box labels, permanent markers, tape.
Start packing in a space that is not often used such as a basement or garage
Set up a folding table so you can pack boxes at a comfortable height
Pack heavier items at the bottom of a box and more delicate items near the top
Line the bottom of the box with cushioning materials such as bubble wrap, packing tissue, or even paper towels
Wrap fragile items in bubble wrap or tissue paper before packing them up
Fill open spaces inside your box with towels or linens to minimize the risk of damage
Top off the box with more cushioning materials before you close it up
Write or place a fragile sticker on boxes with delicate items
Keep the weight of each box below 40 lbs., especially when packing books
Avoid placing items from different rooms in the same box
List the room and box contents on a label for each box
Mark both the top and side of the box for easy identification
Label the boxes that need to be unpacked first with a different color marker
Use a dolly to move stacked boxes

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