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Nickelodeon Alumni Lori Beth Denberg wants to give YOU Bad Advice on her new podcast!

Press Release: October 16, 2020


Contact: Jeremy Balon

Voicemail: (855) 336-2374

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Brooklyn, NY, 10/16/2020 --  Nickelodeon alumni and friend to the world Lori Beth Denberg (“All That”, “Figure it Out”, “Workaholics”, “Dodgeball”, “The Steve Harvey Show”) answers YOUR pressing questions on her new podcast BAD ADVICE. Each episode LB explores questions of life, love, and how to get through each day in one piece. Curated by childhood friend and co-host Clark Crozer, together they tackle self esteem, addiction, relationships, mental health and more with humor, insight and that biting wit we all know and love. There’s even a segment for dogs! Produced by Jeremy Balon and part of Seltzer Kings network of podcasts.


Quotes from Lori Beth

“I’ve wanted to start a podcast for a long time. It’s an intimate way to reach people, help people, and hopefully entertain them as well.”


“Folks that listen will definitely hear about the craziness of show business, but in addition to getting slimed over and over throughout the years, I’ve also had experience with love, loss, addiction, and much more. Helping others navigate similar situations with humor and empathy will be so gratifying. But, don’t worry, there will be plenty of ridiculous hijinx as well!”


About the Hosts

Lori Beth Denberg is an actress and comedian who loves dogs and is best known for her work as an original cast member of Nickelodeon's All That where she delivered Vital Information and ran a very ironic library. She portrayed Lydia Liza Guttman on The WB's The Steve Harvey Show, and as a regular panelist on Nickelodeon’s Figure It Out, Lori Beth had a lifetime’s worth of slime dumped on her head while she dominated the game and crushed the dreams of dozens of children. Other credits include Malcolm in the Middle, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, Good Burger, Workaholics, Lost Treasure of the Valley and coming soon The Tonopah Five. (@loribethdenberg @lbdenberg)


Clark Crozer is a writer and performer who worked for 7 years as an actor at the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park. That was followed by 3 years working in the writing rooms for Smallville and American Dreams. He ultimately took a gross corporate job in advertising where he peddled a wide variety of video games to unsuspecting target audiences. After 10 years in the ad business, he is happy to get back in front of the mic with his longtime best friend Lori Beth. (@heresmypitch @clark.crozer)


About the Producer

Jeremy Balon is on-air producer and co-creator of The Adventures of Danny & Mike podcast on the Last Podcast Network. He founded Seltzer Kings Studios in Brooklyn NY and hosts/produces podcasts like The Bradshaw Boys (three comedians watching Sex & the City for the first time), Bad Advice with Lori Beth Denberg (a podcast featuring you favorite vital information-giver and Nickelodeon OG), Fresh Beef (a podcast about the culture of internet commenting) and his own podcast, Going Dork, a late-nite series with topics ranging from ufo’s to tv reviews. (@remybalon @jeremybalon jeremybalon.com)


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