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Nick Roberts Of Castle Bridge Surveys Explain Two Types Of Comprehensive Building Reports Waikato That They Provide

Press Release: March 06, 2020

Comprehensive building reports Waikato will provide a prospective homebuyer with a written account of the condition of a house and its structure. The building inspection specialists will add every fault in the report that they find concerning the interiors, exteriors, the roof, and more. More importantly, it will advise the buyer about any potential problems that may include safety hazards, dampness, current defects, or something else that may lead to severe damages in the future.

Castle Bridge Surveys is a name that everybody trusts when it comes to building inspections in Auckland and Waikato. Anyone seeking reliable building reports, building inspections or leaky home inspections can trust this organization. A chartered building surveyor, Nick Roberts, is the owner and operator of Castle Bridge Surveys. The organization has been serving clients in Auckland and Waikato for several years. The comprehensive reports prepared by Nick come fully insured. He has years of valuable experience in the NZ building industry. With their support, prospective homebuyers found their dream home.

As already mentioned earlier, Nick Roberts and every other reliable and experienced building inspector working with Castle Bridge Surveys generate Comprehensive building reports Waikato. Nick took the trouble to explain everything that should be in one such report. He says that there are two different types of reports generated by building inspection agencies; pre-purchase and pre-sale.

The first one is the most common form of building report. Just as an individual would subject a vehicle before buying it to a mechanical inspection; they should be equally vigilant and inquisitive to check if the house hides any hidden surprises or not. If an individual wants to invest in property or purchase the home of his/her dreams, then they must summon a professional to assess the condition of the property. It is the only way to ensure that they don’t sign and agree to face the difficulties and hazards associated with faulty houses.

The next type of property report created by Building Surveyors Auckland is the pre-sale report. The organization of Castle Bridge Surveys has been attempting to advise their clients to choose to undergo this report. After New Zealand’s notorious leaky-home crisis, both homebuyers and the banks of the nation became more wary, especially when they lay their eyes on specific types of houses. Apart from highlighting the existing issues, a pre-sale report can also include information on where home-hunters can choose to add value. Pre-sale building reports can also bring forth transparency and prevent the reputation of the vendor from tarnishing.

Castle Bridge Surveys also informs its clients to be aware of all building inspection firms that they come across. One must never rely on the services provided an organization that doesn’t possess the right credentials required in conducting the job. Apart from vast experience, special skills, and technologically advanced equipment, the organization should be the holder of certificates from the NZ Institute of Building Surveyors, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, Building Research Associations NZ, Home Owners and Buyer Association NZ, and other such regulatory bodies.

About the organization

Castle Bridge Surveys is a building inspection organization owned and operated by Nick Roberts. This organization can provide reliable building reports, conduct building inspections, and assess the condition of leaky homes.

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