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NextBuye - Handmade Online Jewellery Store in Kolkata Launching Soon

Press Release: April 11, 2020

NextBuye today announced it will launch an online handmade jewelry store online at Kolkata on the auspicious occasion of “Poila Boishak”, the Bengali New Year. The website will provide traditional & ethnic handmade jewelry items for women & girls.

Indian is a country where people both men & women tend to buy ornaments for fashion and other purposes, and India is home to one of the finest artisans in India the world. But the problem faced but the artisans are that there is no proper framework or promotional activities for their talents & works. So, this newly formed startup unit has decided to go to villages to India and find those talented & highly skilled people, and promote their handmade products to the people of India.

Quick market research reveals that the demand for traditional & handmade items is very high in fact they are so popular that foreigners come to India to buy these products. There is demand but not that much available for the products in the market.

“When we’re researching various types of handmade & handicrafts items that people may like and purchase too. We came across many such products that we’re perplexed to some extent. We are not sure what products to leave and what to promote as every product is unique and beautiful”. As quoted by a member of the NextBuye team.

As of now, they will sell only handmade custom jewelry and handicraft items on their website, as these are very popular products among the masses. The service will be available only to the people of West Bengal. Later it will be launched on a pan India basis.

People can check out the products on their website: https://nextbuye.in/

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