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Next-Level Secure Cryptocurrency DeepOnion Announces DeepVault for Reliable File Verification on the Blockchain

Press Release: August 27, 2018

DeepOnion has been winning significant praise for their breakthrough privacy-focused cryptocurrency that is sent over the TOR network. Building on this already impressive accomplishment the DeepOnion team continues to expand the security-minded services they offer with the latest announcement being the launch of DeepVault. DeepVault is an element of DeepOnion that allows the use of files to be transferred with their integrity intact and verifiable across the blockchain. This solves a great problem with many suffering from having their file author creation credit removed, for having pixels in files altered, or having unwanted additions (like malware) added to data shared online. DeepVault effectively defends against all of these issues and more.

"Our mission with DeepOnion has been to protect our users from hacks or attacks from both legal and illegal entities," commented a spokesperson from the company. "This focus began with our anonymous cryptocurrency that makes smart use of TOR and the blockchain in combination, and now we are glad to see it expand to DeepVault and file integrity protection as well. There's a push for less privacy and more invasive behavior from state and non-state organizations and people, and we are proud to be pushing powerfully in the opposite direction."

According to DeepVault, the service allows file validation credentials to be stored on the blockchain. They can then be quickly verified through the DeepVault feature in the DeepOnion wallet or by using our all-new DeepVault web application. For even more security, no documents are uploaded onto the DeepVault servers. They are processed locally in the user's browser to derive the appropriate cryptographic SHA256 hash imprint that is required for reliable and secure verification.

The hash-imprint alone does not allow files to be seen, further improving anonymity and removing security concerns.

The service has already won the interest of a growing number of users from a wide range of areas. Some current highlights include people who create intellectual property, like artists; small businesses of all kinds; doctors; developers and corporations; scientists; accountants; and many more.

DeepVault use is set at a very attractive price point using the DeepOnion coin as its payment choice.

Early reviews have endorsed the new blockchain based service completely.

Henry White, recently said in a five-star review, "DeepOnion has solved a problem that has nagged my firm for years - having our files make it out into the world and then be altered to the benefit of someone with no connection to us, often with ill-intent. DeepVault gives an affordable and easy way to solve this issue, and we are taking full advantage of it. We fully recommended, in every way possible."

For more information be sure to visit: https://deepvaultonline.com

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