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Newly Launched Platform Provides Comprehensive Quote, Customer, Invoice Management

Press Release: May 19, 2015

One newly launched platform offers businesses of all sizes a comprehensive approach to managing quotes, customers, and invoicing. INV is a brand new web-based program that offers small, medium, and large businesses the tools needed to effectively manage various dynamics of their day to day operations.

Managing client quotes and invoices can become tedious and difficult, but with INV, seamless invoice and quote management is made simple. The feature packed platform offers a variety of multi-faceted built-in offerings, including client management, unlimited quotes, unlimited invoices, and unlimited clients. Businesses can get started with INV with a no-obligation 100% free 30 day trial.

The fully loaded INV back office includes a completely personalized interface that can be tweaked to fit the specific needs of each business using the platform. Currencies, application interface, e-mail templates, invoice groups, taxes, quote templates, and invoice templates can all be easily customized to reflect a company’s branding and other specific needs.

To create a new invoice, the user can simply click to add products, set tax rates, and send the invoice to the customer through the built-in e-mailing interface. Clients and customers can be easily managed with INV’s CRM-like client area, which allows for the addition of contact details, notes, and other custom fields. To send a quote to a client, the user simply creates, sends, and approves it from within the INV web panel. Quotes can be downloaded to PDF and converted to invoices.

INV caters to businesses that need to operate on the go. The platform can be accessed and utilized from a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. INV also offers PayPal payment support to coordinate with one of the leading payment systems used by businesses today.

INV is hosted on private servers, offering easy and reliable usage. The company is proud to offer unbeatable customer support, and all support requests are answered within 12 hours of submission. “We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of INV for your business, with a focus on reliability, simplicity, and service,” said the INV team.

Designed for businesses of all sizes, INV is proud to offer an economical and effective solution for customer, invoice, and quote management. “Our platform is designed for small to large businesses but with a small cost,” said INV’s Director. More information can be found at http://inv.nz/.

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