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Newly Formed Professional Pest Control in Corpus Christi

Press Release: August 08, 2020

Corpus Christi, TX-based professional pest control company, Termite Pest Control has recently announced their new services aimed at providing monthly termite and pest control services for commercial and resident homeowners of Corpus Christi, TX.

Termite Pest Control, which has provided dedicated and professional termite and pest control services to Corpus Christi and all its surrounding sister-cities since 2019 offer these services to help their clients harness the health benefits of monthly pest control which would enable them to keep their home and environment free of viruses and bacterias spread by rodents and insects.

Regular pest control practices are essential for maintaining the health of a population from any infection caused by pests. Hence, regular maintenance and control of pests are vital to the health and safety of homes, families, and businesses. However, Termite Pest Control company provides a variety of essential termite and pest control services – from removing unwanted pests from residential homes and commercial places like restaurants, gym, hotels, etc. – around Corpus Christi, TX and its environs.

Old and new clients of the company can now have access to professional exterminators on a monthly basis for the removal of mosquitoes, spiders, rodents, bed bugs, scorpions, and other pests around their residents and commercial environments. This means that residents of Corpus Christi and all its surrounding sister-cities can now gain quick access to professional pest control services from Termite Pest Control, since there is no better way to permanently eradicate pests,


rather than scheduling monthly routine treatment. Their termite treatments ensure total elimination of unwanted pests, termites, rodents, vermin, insects, etc., from a building, apartment, etc.

The Termite Pest Control team of professional exterminators responds quickly to any  pest control requirements by any homeowner in Corpus Christi, TX, and its environs. They will identify and remove pests, keeping to the guidelines of the international standard in ensuring environmental safety.

To know more about this monthly pest control services offered by Termite Pest Control or schedule an appointment for pest control services, contact them at (361) 400-0689 or visit their business website today at https://termitepestcontrols.com/ .

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