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New Yorker Electronics to Distribute New High-Performance Capacitor Ideal for Extreme Conditions

Press Release: November 01, 2016

New Yorker Electronics has just released a new miniature aluminum electrolytic capacitor series designed to hold up to intense outdoor environments, including extreme heat. United Chemi-Con’s new GXF Series of Radial Lead Type Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors addresses an industry need for a radial lead type that sustains broad voltage, wide capacitance ranges, low ESR and long life at applied ripple currents up to more than 125⁰C.

With the industry trends toward extreme temperatures in automotive power modules and high performance power supply applications, this new capacitor transforms how high-temp radials can be used in extreme environments because it offers industry leading capacitance/voltage values per cubic volume for a +125⁰C radial.

United Chemi-Con’s new GXF series radial lead type aluminum electrolytic capacitors are recommended for smoothing and holdup for automotive modules and extreme high performance power supply applications requiring up to 400Vdc (450Vdc available) operation at high temperatures.

The GXF series also has excellent low temperature characteristics. This makes them extremely useful for outdoor applications where performance must be realized over a broad spectrum of temperatures from -40⁰C through +125⁰C.

• Endurance: 3,000 Hours at -40⁰C ~ 125⁰C
• Voltage: 25VDC ~ 400VDc (450Vdc available)
• Capacitance: 12μF to 11,000μF
• Size: 10 x 12mmL ~ 18 x 40mmL

• Automotive Modules (DC/DC)
• High-/Low-Temp Power Supply Apps
• High-/Low-Temp Noise Filtering

New Yorker Electronics is a franchise distributor for United Chemi-Con and carries its full line of Capacitors, radial lead, SMD and snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitors, and electric double layer capacitors.

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