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New Weight Loss Pill Capsiplex UK Is Ready to Captivate U.K. Audiences

Press Release: March 31, 2010

Glasgow Scotland, March 31, 2010 -- Capsiplex UK, which debuted this year, is speedily making its name in the country with a long list of A-list celebrities patronizing the product.
But what is Capsiplex all about and why is it making a huge buzz in town with its very short history? Moreover, could it be the real deal when it comes to battling the bulge?
To answer all of that, here is what has been gathered about this latest trend. Capsiplex UK boasted about its main ingredient, which is none other than red chili peppers.
Capsiplex UK claims that the combination of Chili and Capsicum can burn up to 278 calories, the same as walking for an hour or jogging for 25 minutes. The manufacturers of the product position Capsiplex UK as safe, even for people with sensitive stomachs. They claim that to prevent any gastric problems they used a special coating in every pill.
According to the manufacturer: "Using a proprietary, patented matrix of excipients and coatings, Capsiplex capsicum extract gives users the maximum effectiveness of capsaicinoids without any oral or gastric irritation."
Capsiplex UK surely sets an impressive figure to burn, but with stiff competitions in the market, not to mention imitations of this product, Capsiplex UK still manages to extend its reach of massive audience here in Europe, owning its spot as one of the year's weight loss breakthroughs.
With the bloating number of overweight people in the country, Capsiplex UK is truly taking advantage of its massive market by spreading its wide campaign for efficacy and safety, which is, according to experts, a brilliant staging of red chili peppers' health benefits.
Capsiplex UK has made a very interesting "welcome-to-the-world" introduction, since obesity and health care issue are still cooking in every corner of media. Moreover, with its huge promises, the bulking country is surely excited to see for itself what Capsiplex UK can do to spice up its sweet tooth!

What are the benefits one can get from this product?
-- Reduce Appetite
-- Increase Metabolic Rate
-- Reduces Body mass and Body Fat
-- Double fat burning abilities
-- Increase energy level

Where to buy Capsiplex?
Capsiplex can be purchased only through its official distributor in UK at http://www.capsiplex.com

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