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New website Shufflewire.com is a much-needed lifeline to the UK music industry

Press Release: April 07, 2021

Essex based Shufflewire Limited has launched a new website specifically created for UK musicians and the music industry. Shufflewire.com is the brainchild of web designer and audio-video producer James Prismall and Stuart Hardy, a musician and businessman. The pair combined their skills and experience to create a platform they tag as the Complete Music Industry Resource.
Shufflewire.com is a feature rich industry directory, built by its users with categories including Retailers, Manufacturers, Products, Venues, Services, Bands and of course Musicians themselves. Alongside this sits classified advertising where users can buy and sell used gear, find musicians or join bands and promote their gigs, actual or virtual. The partners believe the site will build into a huge resource, as musicians, retailers and manufacturers etc add their details to build the categories. The site is completely free to musicians and the industry to join, create listings and use, with the company’s income derived from unobtrusive advertising.
There’s also a Live Now streaming area where users can browse virtual gigs and watch their selected stream. Performers earn from a share of the advertising revenue which runs alongside each stream. 
Stuart says “While we were building the site the country was in and out of Covid-19 lockdown. We were watching the closure, albeit temporary, of venues having a devastating effect on the live music community. We decided that we wanted to include somewhere musicians and bands could stream but also to earn some money. We realise we can’t replace live music and we believe the industry will recover but we have seen that more and more artists are using virtual performance, often requesting tips. Many could well continue even once the live scene has recovered. Our model means the more people an artist draws to watch their show, the more advertising exposure the show provides and therefore the more they will earn. Hypothetically the sky’s the limit and they don’t have to put out a virtual begging bowl to earn a crust”

Elsewhere on Shufflewire users can find the Shufflewire Magazine with new and used product reviews, articles and tutorials which will build over time. Manufacturers are welcome to apply for product reviews by contacting the site directly. There is also the inclusion of Shufflewire Sessions which James had already established since 2016, with a significant following on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and its own Spotify channel.
James comments “Shufflewire was originally a music video and audio producer working with up and coming artists, recording, filming and promoting their work. Our new site creates a much bigger platform to reach the whole sector. We intend to continue to grow our bespoke productions with artists really benefitting from the exposure we will be able to offer them through an ever-growing audience.” Members are encouraged to apply. 

Shufflewire are inviting musicians to join Shufflewire.com, add details of their musical projects and bands, buy and sell and meet other musicians in their local region. Join now and help Shufflewire on its mission to breathe new life into the UK music industry.
For more information visit www.shufflewire.com or email info@shufflewire.com

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