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New version released of top selling iPhone app - Dictionary 3.0!

Press Release: February 22, 2010


entirely on-phone theasurus
new look interface

entirely on-phone dictionary for iPhone
impressive look-up speed
200,000+ definitions
wiktionary lookup
2.3 million users
average 250k words a day looked up

Dictionary! is a concise dictionary and thesaurus perfect for iPhones. Unlike other dictionary apps, Dictionary! is entirely installed on your phone. This means that if you are in an airplane and reading a book it will still work as it does not require and internet connection. It takes up a relatively small space about the size of a music album. What makes it so popular are the built-in features which use advanced algorithms to try and determine what word you are looking up, even if you don't know the exact spelling.

So, if you are looking up the word "naive" and enter it as 'naeife' it will recognise that you probably mean "naive". The speed of lookup is impressive with instant results on an iPhone 3GS.

New in version 3.0+ is an entirely on-phone thesaurus. Whenever you look up a definition, it will give you synonyms of that word right below the definition.

Dictionary! is the top selling worldwide dictionary on mobile devices and has only been on the iPhone since November 2008. The current install base on the iPhone is more than 2.3 million users. On an average day, over 250k words are looked up.

Add to this the growing base of users on Palm Pre (40k+) and our upcoming Android version you can see why it's a best seller.

Download it now for free from the app store : http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/dictionary/id293283136?mt=8


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Download link to app store : http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/dictionary/id293283136?mt=8

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About Hampton Catlin, Founder Catlin Software LLC
Hampton founded Catlin Software in 2009 after producing several top-selling iPhone and Palm Pre applications. After spending over 5 years in the web consulting business, In collaboration with the Wikimedia Foundation, Hampton built and designedm.wikipedia.org, Wikipedia's mobile gateway that serves over 10 million pages a day to phones in over 100 countries. Hampton has lived in Jacksonville, FL, Toronto, Canada, New York City over the past 4 of years. He now hopped across the Atlantic and is based out of Cambridge, UK. He is 26.

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