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New UK based jewellery website releases first collection

Press Release: March 12, 2019

Owner Hayley Trimlett-Porter from silverstuds.co.uk is releasing the brand new Pick and Mix Collection, featuring 10 different styles of beautiful silver stud earrings. Each chosen for their gorgeous design and wearability, this collection encourages you to pick and mix your own style.
This curated collection features studs made from Assay Assured 925 sterling silver,which all feature super stylish design, texture, colour and interesting shapes to fit all different styles.

Each pair of studs has a personality trait. A few examples are:

Round Studs (The Classic Ones)
Petal Studs (The Sophisticated Ones)
Folded Hearts (The Creative Ones)
Cube Studs (The Stylish Ones)
Textured Stars (The Retro Ones)

The Pick and Mix Collection ranges in price from £28 to £36.

Hayley is excited to welcome her fans to her the new handpicked product line collection.

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