Press Release: December 20, 2015

New base stock video platform B-RollStock.com is working to create a new professional tool for video editors, filmmakers, creative teams, and video content creators.

It's a common postproduction issue that video editors and content creators need more than one clip to cover a story. With the already existing stock footage sites on the market, it is very time consuming, as well as pricey, to search for and gather all the individual Royalty Free Video Clips one may need. Additionally, these clips will rarely ever match each other. This is because different videographers, with different equipment, and different settings, may shoot them.
With a unique approach at tackling this common issue, B-RollStock plans to launch a website where users can upload royalty free video clips to be sold for varying fees, or purchase rights b-roll footage packages of their choice. B-rollStock.com will aggregate and resell B-roll royalty free footage packages, bundling together multiple clips with a variety of shots and angles, all centered on 1 certain topic.

So what is B-roll?
Any time you watch a commercial, TV news report, documentary, Internet video, or any type of video content, 80% of what are you seeing is “B-Roll.” While A-Rolls consist of acting shots that build the plot, B-Roll paints the picture. These are shots of landscapes, locations, and activities, which enhance and illustrate the story being told. Examples include Miami beaches, North Pole nighttime, city night life, and much more. Currently, there is no place to get a good set of b-roll footage. None of the major or minor video stock sites offer b-roll package, just separate clips. One b-roll package will be able to cover a story around 3 minutes long, which is a widely popular format in today’s media.

This solution saves time, money, and provides the benefit of a variety of clips, all consistent to each other.
In addition to building a vast Stock Footage Library, they’ll be developing an expert community of video and filmmakers, based on particular contributor expertise, or category of footage they specialize in. For example, one may be the best in timelapses of New York or the best food videographer in Paris. These contributors will be available for hire, to produce footage on demand.

The founders of B-RollStock.com say,
“Being filmmakers ourselves, we understand how exhausting it is to spend days looking for new or matching footage and time trying to make them even on post production. This is not to mention the bills you end up with. Right now we are developing the full version platform and plan to finish in 3 months. We produce our own content with our own gear and also engage our first 100 contributors right during development stage. They are our early adaptors and beta testers. We listen to all insights and demand, to make a better product, made by filmmaking professionals for the filmmaking community, such as editors. And we are still collecting them so if you want to join you are more then welcome! For early adapters we offer an unbeatable 70% royalty fee which stays with them for 2 years.”

Here is what some early bird contributors are saying already:
“As I see it, offering a package or set of clips for customers makes sense because they get more for their money, which also may result in more sales. For me as an artist this is no loss, because when I shoot at any location, I shoot several sample clips in hope to sell minimum one of the set.”
“This is a unique approach at tackling a common post production issue. This is great.”
“It'd be as beneficial for the contributors as the customers, since the package has a lower price than if you buy 3-4 separate clips. The buyer gets more clips for a lower price, and the contributor sells more clips and still earns a little bit more.”

B-RollStock.com has recently partnered with Starter Studio, an accelerator program that provides education, mentorship, legal and financial resources, networking opportunities, and the right culture to help innovative solutions grow.
The market of video content is exploding right and the demand is huge, with b-roll making up 80% of potential usage of $688 million/year audiovisual content market. This specific stock video footage market has space to grow as well. Only 3% of all stocks in an $11 billion market are video content so far. The prognosis for video stock footage is $1,2 billion, which is triple from 2014.

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