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New TV Network Brings Exciting Spiritual Entertainment Worldwide

Press Release: March 26, 2021

Bey-Clarke Media Group launches an international television network to fill the void in modern, spirituality-based content. Built on the Roku platform and accessible to all via MysticCircleTV.com and the Mystic Circle TV app, the groundbreaking network will debut on March 30, 2021.
With content from all over the world, Mystic Circle TV will be FREE to all subscribers and advertiser supported. It will target those seeking to raise their vibration in spirituality, wellness, mysticism, metaphysics and motivational programming. With a collection of content including talk shows, docuseries, meditation & wellness shows, spiritual product highlights and music, programs will focus on transformational healing and elevation through holistic means.
 “I’m thrilled to bring a service to the spiritual arena that is fun, modern, diverse, and just what’s needed in these changing times,” says Monica Bey, Founder and CEO. “It’s important to me to showcase a side of mysticism and personal growth that isn’t often seen. My mission is to demystify mysticism—from meditation, to the Tarot, to energy science—we’ve got it all!”
The network will be viewable primarily through Roku, which has a viewership of 43 million households, and the Mystic Circle TV app and website, which will also include a shop where viewers can purchase items and services featured on the network. Those without Roku can watch content for free on the web!
Monica Bey notes that she is, “Passionate about creating a platform to bring mysticism, metaphysics and self-empowerment to the mainstream while also helping viewers grow in ways they’ve never imagined.”
The content on Mystic Circle TV features practitioners from all walks of life who are eager to share their wealth of knowledge. To learn more visit: MysticCircleTV.com

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