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New Technology Introduces Online Bespoke Trenchcoats

Press Release: March 28, 2017

Sumissura Releases Trenchcoats for Women

Sumissura has released its brand new Trenchcoat Configurator allowing women all over the world to customize their trenchcoat to fit their personal size, shape and style. Each trenchcoat is handmade from scratch, uniquely created to fit each individual customer, ensuring the perfect fit only custom-made clothing can provide. New technology makes it possible for the customer to customize her trenchcoat as she likes, to truly fit her style demands.
Sumissura offers high quality fabrics in different colors, as well as finished products or the possibility for the customer to create her trenchcoat completely from scratch. Soon, new fabrics with with different properties will be released offering an even larger variety customization possibilities. With this new technology it is possible for bespoke clothing to be made without the customer having to leave her house. Directly on the device of her choice, she chooses her product and in a few simple steps (with videos to guide each step) she can take and enter her measurements. Once this is done, the customer data will be stored secure on Sumissura database, making the process even easier for returning customers.
Sumissura allows the customer to customize her trenchcoat to fit her personal style and wants; the customer can choose between details such as pocket and sleeve style, to collar fabric and internal lining.

With the new configurator release, the customer can view her trenchcoat from the back as well as the front, being the most realistic online designer tool on the market.

Editor’s Note
Founded in 2013, Sumissura is the e-commerce leader in made-to-measure garments for women. At Sumissura the belief is that all women should have the possibility to express themselves through their own style. Sumissura does not care about sizes, but rather about each woman’s unique body shape. This allows all kinds of women to dress in their own styles, no matter their body shape and size. Not only are the clothes made-to-measure, but they are also highly customizable. Each garment can be completely customized by the customer, such as changing styles and colors of a shirt’s cuffs and collars, or a suit’s pocket style and lining, among many more options. Sumissura also offers a wide range of different quality fabrics and colors, allowing the customer to be in charge of her own style.

Sumissura welcomes, and encourages, you to try the customization process for yourself and learn more by visiting www.sumissura.com.

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