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New Survey Reveals How Small Businesses Can Make Their Brand Look Bigger

Press Release: June 20, 2018

eReceptionist, business phone service providers, have revealed the results of a new survey. 800 British consumers were asked to identify what they believed made a brand look more professional, through a questionnaire that was designed to help small businesses understand what they can do to give their brand a more established commercial appeal.

The data gathered from survey respondents highlights five major factors identified as being important to creating a more professional business profile:

- 24/7 Customer Support Functionality
- An Active Social Media Presence
- A Quality Business Website
- An 0800 Business Number
- The Use of a Corporate Address

How Small Businesses Can Build a Professional Brand:

Results of the survey revealed customers placed certain significance on different professionalism factors. While all aspects listed were judged by British people as being advantageous to creating a business that appeared bigger and more established than your typical SME, some elements held more weight than others:

- 60% of respondents stated that having a business website was crucial to a professional brand image.

- 38% believed a social presence was essential for competing with larger brands.

- 33% identified 24/7 customer support and automated phone answering services as a key part of establishing a bigger and more approachable brand.

The goal of eReceptionist’s survey was to help support the development of smaller brands and business enterprises. Professional presence is critical to success in many industries, helping to increase trust and boosting potential investment opportunities. Small businesses that want to make their brand appear larger are now able to use these results to enhance their prospects and grow their brand.

For full details of the survey, visit: https://www.ereceptionist.co.uk/blog/make-your-business-bigger

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