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New Sports Sunglasses Range Coming Soon.

Press Release: March 01, 2010

Do you want to wear the premium sunglasses for sportswear? If you follow sport then you will undoubtedly recognise the sunglasses that top sportspeople prefer - Polaroid Sports Sunglasses.

Not only does the collection look amazing but it feels amazing to wear. The frames are lightweight and are designed to stay in place even when you are running. There is no slippage down the nose as the nose grips are especially created to prevent this. Dont expect the lenses to cloud up either as the ventilation in the nose grips stop this happening.

If you are serious about watching sport, then these are the perfect sunglasses. The antiglare in the Polaroid lenses ensures that practically all glare is virtually eliminated so you can catch all the sporting action without interference from the sun. The lenses block 100% of the UV 400 rays, giving you serious protection.

The ergonomic design makes sure that the Polaroid sunglasses feel extremely comfortable and they look very chic. As they are designed for men and women, they look like sportswear for serious players and watchers of sport. The new product range also includes sunglasses for specific sports like fishing sunglasses.

If you are serious about sport, you need some serious sports sunglasses Keep a look out for the 2010 collection.

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