Press Release: March 18, 2010

After the huge success of their online independent travel agent www.sunshine.co.uk, which is now the fastest growing in the UK, the founders are now planning to expand the brand. www.Tenerife.co.uk is the first of the new location-specific websites to launch; the site offers holidays solely to Tenerife and has advice and information from a local expert.

Purchasing specific country domains has been one of the biggest investments for the sunshine.co.uk brand, aside from buying new offices to expand the business physically. Other domains that have been purchased and are in the pipeline for launch are Tunisia.co.uk and Majorca.co.uk, which will work in exactly the same way as Tenerife.co.uk in regards to holiday deals and local expert advice.

Sunshine.co.uk will continue to provide consumers with bargain holidays and cheap flights, but the new destination-specific websites will couple great deals with leading expert advice, something which the founders hope will be attractive to consumers.

Chris Brown, co-founder of sunshine.co.uk and the newly launched Tenerife.co.uk said;

Investing in these destination-specific domains is an important move for us as a brand and will hopefully help us expand further into what is a very competitive industry. Our local experts really know their stuff, so we are sure that consumers will be able to find accurate and clear advice and information when shopping for their holiday. Knowing more about the destination is something we realise is hugely important to tourists.

He continued, Its always hard to tell how successful new ventures will be in the early stages. We are hopeful that Tenerife.co.uk will be something for the industry to talk about, for all the right reasons!

LINK http://www.tenerife.co.uk


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Editors Notes

Tenerife.co.uk launched in March 2010 and is from the founders of the UKs fastest growing online independent travel agent sunshine.co.uk. Tenerife.co.uk offers holidays solely to Tenerife.

Sunshine.co.uk is the UKs leading online independent travel agent and was founded by Chris Brown and Chris Clarkson, the same people behind Holiday Watchdog which was bought by TripAdvisor in February 2008 for an undisclosed amount of money. Sunshine.co.uk offers low cost holidays and budget flights to destinations all over the world as well as great deals and discounted hotels.

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