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New Small Business Mobile App Features Released by MORBiZ

Press Release: July 19, 2020

MORBiZ is proud to announce a host of new custom app features for small businesses looking to connect with their customers via mobile devices. These unique mobile apps for small and medium sized businesses are designed to improve communications between your business and your customers, helping to boost revenue and customer satisfaction. With the recent release of these exciting features, including the following, MORBiZ now offers dozens of mobile app tools that are sure to wow business owners and clients alike.

Customer Rewards
MORBiZ recently released multiple customer rewards tools, each of which give customers reason to return to a business over and over. These include:

- Spend Based Rewards - Customers can earn real time rewards that encourage repeat business. The more they spend, the more they earn.

- Receipt Based Rewards - Customers can input receipt information to earn rewards.

- VIP Rewards - This automated value system encourages year-round shopping.

E-Commerce/Online Shopping
This tool allows a business to display and sell their hottest goods and services right from their app. People can browse items, add to their cart and make purchases for delivery or in store pickup at their leisure. With this feature a business can be open 24/7.

Smart Reviews
This is a great tool for businesses that need or want positive online reviews. With this tool a business manager can send automated, branded emails or texts to customers after a successful transaction to request a review. Once completed the review will be hosted on the business site and app. The system only publishes positive reviews.

Events Calendar
Adding an events calendar to a small business mobile app will inform customers of sales, new product launches, special events and more. With push notifications and SMS texts, shoppers will always be in the know about what is happening at a business.

Restaurant Tools
MORBiZ has just released some amazing tools for restaurants. Whether a restaurant just opened or has become a neighborhood staple, an app for a restaurant is as critical as ever. A custom restaurant app from MORBiZ lets managers take advantage of these incredible features:

- Online Food Ordering - This simple ordering system allows customers to access a menu and place pick up and delivery orders for specified times. Customers can track their order until it's picked up or dropped off.

- Delivery Module - Driver mode offers driver profiles and provides drivers with all of the details they need to make a successful delivery, including delivery directions. Customers can track their order in real time in the app.

- Table Reservations - This tool lets customers check availability and book tables quickly and easily. It is optional for a restaurant to take deposits via PayPal to reduce the number of no shows.

Employee Schedules
This important feature was developed for business owners and managers looking for a way to improve internal scheduling and employee punctuality. With this small business app tool employees clock in and out, request time off, manage their shifts and so much more, all from their personal device.

These are just a few of the many incredible features MORBiZ has recently released on their small business mobile app platform for Apple, Android and HTML5. In addition to existing app staples, such as scratch cards, push notifications, referral programs and appointment booking, you’ll now find tools that allow for gift card sales, delivery services, event ticketing, paid memberships, custom calculators and so much more. To learn more about how a custom small business app from MORBiZ can boost your bottom line, give us a call at 1-855-2MORBiZ or use the contact form at www.morbiz.com/web-contact-form. Our team of web presence experts look forward to assisting you with your mobile marketing needs!

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