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New sizing app with advanced technology can cut the cost of returns

Press Release: March 12, 2021

Developers have launched a new, advanced sizing app which has the potential to cut online order returns for fashion retailers by more than a fifth. 

Fitly.AI uses advanced computer vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide the most accurate measurement of sizing on the market, based on user-generated photos of existing favourites from their wardrobe. 

Using Augmented Reality (AR) to scan and measure their existing clothes, users can generate a precise measurement that can be applied to other brands to overcome the challenge and frustration of accurate sizing. 

More than a fifth (22%) of all orders are returned due to the wrong size and 33% of purchases are dropped because of size uncertainty. By integrating the technology into their online retail offer to cut returns, Fitly.AI has the potential to deliver unrivalled sizing accuracy and drive significant cost and carbon footprint savings for ecommerce and omnichannel retailers. 

Fitly.AI was co-founded by Beniamin Golabek, an enterprise solution architect, software consultant and product developer with strong retail and ecommerce experience. 

He said: “The retail market is changing at a rapid pace. Coronavirus may have accelerated the trend but even before the pandemic, an increasingly number of people were buying clothes online. 

“This brings challenges both for the purchaser, unsure of how to size items especially across different brands, and for the retailer, left to pick up the cost of implementing a seamless returns process to meet consumer demand. 

“It is now one of the biggest costs for any retailer operating online, with some experts predicting it costs twice as much to process a return as it does to ship an order. Fitly.AI provides the most accurate technology available to help buck this trend by providing a better sizing solution.”

Advanced technology

The continued development of advanced technology within the Fitly.AI solution has been made possible thanks to investment from BLDG. The app combines AR for user-generated photos with computer vision and AI to enable an accurate sizing recommendation within seconds. 

 Beniamin Golabek adds: “We are delighted to have BLDG investing in us and hope to be a valuable addition to their portfolio. The finance raised from this investment will unlock new potential to develop a complete solution that overcomes challenges for both consumers and retailers, enabling us to develop the advanced computing engines needed to cope with a rapidly changing fashion market.”

Dariusz Lipka, CEO and managing partner at BLDG Venture, said: “We decided to invest in Fitly due to the strong team and committed founders. as well as the efficiently working AI algorithms they have developed so far. We believe that the company’s solutions have enormous market potential and can respond to the pressing need of the ecommerce industry, namely a significant reduction in the return rate.”

Fitly is available on the Apple app store, with an Android app in development. Visit https://fitly.ai

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