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New Shropshire Independent business Offers a way to get other British brands into peoples homes

Press Release: March 11, 2019

The last ten years has seen a huge change in the way we shop and buy our gifts. The emergence of online shopping and payments has forced the high street to adapt, and adapt quickly. One of the newest and most popular ways to shop now comes in the form of monthly subscriptions.

The concept of monthly subscription boxes itself has some obvious benefits, so it’s easy to see why it has become so popular amongst shoppers these days that are looking to save time and money. The boxes offer great savings on its contents compared to high street costs, the ability to shop once and have a regular stream of products delivered to your door is a huge bonus too. Add in the fact that you do not know what will be inside and by what brand is not only a wonderful surprise once a month to cheer you up, but it may help you find your next favourite product or brand too.

So when Cordelia’s House Of Treasures, a newly established UK gift shop kept getting asked by its customers if they offered this service, it was a no brainier really. So with an idea in mind on how they would go about making sure their message of supporting British designers, makers and artisans small and large and helping to boost our local commerce and industry in their heads they set about turning a customer request into a reality.

Keeping their main focus on British in mind they also wanted to make sure that they carried over the ethos of being environmentally friendly. The boxes are recycled and are hand printed by the staff at their Shropshire base. Lovingly hand packed with recycled packaging and tissue paper the end result is a lovingly hand packed, hand printed, high quality box that is sure to please the most picky of customers. Another lovely touch is the addition of a descriptive card in each box that tells a little bit more about each product and British brand and makes this an even more thoughtful gift for those that like to know where their items come from and the story behind them.

When speaking to Cordelia from Cordelia’s House Of Treasures we asked what she thought were the main selling points of the monthly subscription boxes: “ I think they have multiple benefits which is why they have become so popular. The main one being the cost savings people are getting. Our first box for women for example (they also offer boxes specifically for men and children) costs £10 yet the contents if bought separately would come to almost £25, and who would not want a lovingly made box of gifts delivered to their door once a month to cheer them up on a wet Monday evening once they get home from work. They make wonderful gifts that show the receiver just how much you care month on month throughout the year without a large initial outlay as you can either pay monthly or all at once when you first purchase them. The big question I always ask when putting things onto our online gift shop is, would I love to receive this and the answer here is an overwhelming yes”.

So keep your eyes out online and also on your doorstep too as we are confident that this particular box is sure to be a hit. Just make sure you tell your loved one where to find them before they all run out!


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