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New Season's Sensational BBQ Recipes

Press Release: February 19, 2010

Yet what's set to cause a sensation among taste buds this season? It looks set to be the humble barbeque, but thanks to a recent innovative development from the creative team at BarbeSkew, this season's BBQ recipes are about to get a whole lot better.

Why reinvent the wheel? In this case, the popular summer pastime of barbecuing has undergone a timely revamp and it's now even more encouraging for BBQ enthusiasts to pursue year-round grilling of meats, fish and vegetables. Everyone loves a good barbeque, but not everyone loves the guesswork involved in the cooking process. However with a little Mediterranean inspiration in the form of rotating skewers, the "BarbeSkew" is set to change the face of barbecuing forever. The rotation process ensures that the food is thoroughly cooked, meaning healthier and tastier treats with that mouth-watering barbeque flavour. Larger items such as fish and burgers can be cooked in their own rotating cage, leaving it up to your imagination as to what exactly features on the menu of your next barbeque.

From the Mediterranean to the flavours of the Americas or Asia: anything is possible with a BarbeSkew. Set to appear on plates at BBQs around the country soon are delicacies such as BBQ kebabs with mashed sweet potato and minted peas or BBQ plum kebabs with an exotic-style cucumber and couscous salad. BBQ chicken wings will be making a big comeback, and it's always possible to barbeque a little bit of extra meat to use the leftovers for BBQ chicken and mushroom pizza or a BBQ meatlovers pizza. Looking for something impressive? Mushroom bruschetta (with the sourdough lightly toasted over the flames and the mushrooms grilled) is always a winner, as is BBQ baby octopus or BBQ white wine & dill marinated travalla or cod.

About The BarbeSkew Company: Recently created to fill a gaping hole in the market for quality barbecues in the UK, the BarbeSkew is an innovative new type of barbecue that takes the hassle out of trying to guess whether BBQ meat is well cooked and ready to serve. A modern combination of BARBEcue and SKEWer, with a BarbeSkew the days of undercooked or overcooked meat are long gone, as this is one BBQ that cooks food to perfection every time. It's fundamentally different from run-of-the-mill barbecues by the fact it rotates all the food so that nothing burns or has raw bits left in the middle. The "hands-free" operation means the BarbeSkew can be left on its own to cook leaving you to be able to mix and mingle with your guests. The BarbeSkew is the recipient of numerous British and international accolades, and is available to order online or at a selection of retailers throughout the UK.

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