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New Sales Leadership Programme to drive Sales Excellence

Press Release: July 20, 2016

Klozers the specialist B2B Sales Consultancy has launched a mini Sales MBA for Sales Directors, Commercial Directors and Senior Sales Leaders who require executive level sales education, which is typically not available from traditional Universities. In addition, unlike traditional learning, Klozers new Sales Leadership programme is built on work based learning, which allows participants to work on real life work projects of their choice throughout the course.

Participants on the 12 month programme, strategise, plan and execute, on Sales Improvement plans that they themselves create under the guidance of Klozers Sales Trainers. Workshop facilitators lead 8 x 2 day sessions, to provide theory and more importantly practical strategies and tactics that participants can take away and implement in their businesses. Participants return every six weeks to review progress and further learning and development.

Klozers Senior Partner and Programme Leader Iain Swanston believes “There are few Learning & Development options open for senior Directors throughout the UK as most executive education does not cover Sales. Our ability to combine sales theory with work based projects ensures the Sales Leadership syllabus is highly relevant for each participant, rather than the traditional one size fits all approach. This approach not only makes the programme unique it delivers tangible sales results that mean the programme can pay for itself even before completion.” Swanston added “Sales Leaders are very busy people, so taking time out from the business has to generate an ROI”. In addition to the unique content and delivery, Klozers have deliberately restricted participant numbers to 12, so they can ensure quality, and the optimum time between attendees and workshop leaders. This helps Klozers deliver on the learning objectives and ROI targets that participants require.

Klozers are Edinburgh based B2B Sales Specialists who deliver sales consulting, sales training and sales coaching throughout the UK and Europe.

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