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New rigorous approach to users privacy

Press Release: May 14, 2020

Sheridan, WY, USA, May 14, 2020 – Protection of the users has always been a paramount for Reverd.com. After a complete upgrade and migration of the whole system into a modern platform with sophisticated back-end achieving high performance, they did even more to shield phones automatically from growing number of scam calls. Unlike other apps it’s a worldwide system, efficient and affordable for everybody to enjoy clear, friendly, scam-free communications. Their approach is different with unique solution and they do things differently.

“Unlike other applications like TrapCall, Truecaller, Hiya we don’t collect personal information. We do not ask for a name or address. Users can register with a nickname if they so desire. We utilize persistent identifiers that cannot be used to correlate user data. Our business is to protect the phone, not to steal information.” - says company’s CEO Mark McCoy.

“Unlike other applications we don’t display Red and Green buttons. Thus, you don’t need to look at the screen or to make decision whether to accept the call. So, you just stay focused on what you are doing and you won’t even notice that the bad guys have tried to call you.

Reverd receives signals directly from the “pain point”; the victim of a scam call reports directly from their phone the instant it happens. Even a single report is a scam. We do not use scoring or vague terms like “possible scam” or “scam likely”. A call can be either scam (as reported) or a normal call.” - says CEO Mark McCoy.

“Unlike other applications, we achieved instant verification and interception of incoming scam calls. Which means total silence. Not a one ring from a scam caller. Thus, there are no disturbances, no annoyance and no anger - https://reverd.com/app/ (we are currently updating the Android version per Google new requirements)

We believe that everyone should enjoy clear friendly communications connecting with family, friends and business partners. Our app is free of annoying ads providing seamless protection for your phone. It is a “Get it and forget it” kind of application, that works everywhere even without Internet connection.

Our goal is to keep it simple and affordable for everybody. Give it a try. The app is free. We will appreciate a review. User reviews are important and help us improving. Share your experience and ideas.”

The Reverd automatic scam stopper system is used in many countries around the world. Scam complaints are being received from users in Belize, Hawaii, Austria, Russia, Morocco with many scam reports received from the U.S.A.

Increased volume of scam calls is observed during current difficult times. It is unfortunate that scammers are targeting vulnerable groups of our communities like the elderly, war veterans, sick people and students. And now they use scenarios referring to legit COVID-19 programs to trick people. That’s not acceptable and must stop. The Reverd automatic scam stopper system is designed to reduce the impact of the scam calls on people and businesses. The Reverd team is glad to see it working now, being used by many around the Globe.

Members of the press and others who have additional questions about the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact Mr. McCoy as provided below.

About Reverd.com:

Reverd.com is a global system to automatically stop unwanted harassing scam and robo-calls using crowd reporting and a free app. Users report new scam calls directly from their phones creating a large global user-built database. Reported scams are eliminated automatically reducing stress and increasing productivity. This way everyone protects everybody.

For the newest reported scam and harassing numbers visit https://reverd.com/

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